About us

Florien is a true Dutchie; tall, blond and sporty. Enjoys living the good life and is a hell of a dancer!
Always very active, Florien has accomplished several sportive challenges, including a triathlon and bicycle race for charity. Cycling was something she always did, always loved and will always be doing.
When packing her things for the big move to Dubai, she made sure her Dutch style bicycle was one of the things to get a spot in the container. A very wise decision, because the good old Dutchie was a huge hit in Dubai and the start of something wonderful. 
After working for big corporates for several years, she fell in love with creating her own brand. The result is what you’re looking at!  
Florien Adam Bike Creator
Stefanie loves the easy life so Dubai was a welcome change from the happy chaos in Amsterdam.
 You’ll find her at the beach almost any given day. Whether for an early morning run or evening stroll; salty hair, don’t care! If she’s not on the beach she’s  most probably joining Florien on the dance floor as well.
The small local bicycle Stefanie got on her birthday a few years ago was a nice change from walking through the neighborhood, but did not come close to her Dutch style bicycle back home.
From her school days, sustainability has been her weak spot which she tried to combine with her personal and professional life. Preferably in combination with innovation. The question remained: what’s next? Until she met Florien..!
Stefanie Adam Bike Creator 
Then, the two ladies met, went out, had lots of dinners, lunches and coffees, and the rest is history!
We hope you will enjoy your Adam Bike as much as we do. We developed the Dutch style bicycles with care so that you will experience the feeling of being free to explore wherever the day takes you! 
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Florien and Stefanie Adam Bike creators