Our Wooden Crate


wooden crate bicycle


The wooden crate, a typical Dutch item that you will see everywhere if you go to the Netherlands. The Dutch use it like a basket, to transport items or sometimes as decoration as you may also see wooden crates filled with flowers.
You could use the wooden crate for bicycle rides and take picnic stuff along, put your thermos water bottle in there to hydrate with cold water whenever you need to, use it to transport groceries or simply for your handbag or backpack. It’s a unisex bicycle accessory, meaning it is used just as much by men as by women in the Netherlands.
Adam Bike wants to deliver the best quality products for our customers which is why our wooden crates are made of beautiful 100% renewable pine wood with our brand name engraved into it.
It goes with all of our adult bicycles as they come with a rack to put the wooden crate on. 
wooden crate for bicycles