Our Collaboration with Bambuyu for a Sustainable Living

The Adam Store is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Bambuyu, a pioneering UAE-based company dedicated to sustainable living. Bambuyu’s commitment to environmental preservation aligns perfectly with our ethos, and we're excited to introduce their innovative bamboo tissues to our customers.

In the wake of startling statistics revealing the environmental impact of traditional toilet paper production—where 27,000 trees are felled daily—Bambuyu emerged with a mission. Recognizing the urgent need for eco-friendly alternatives, they turned to bamboo, a remarkably sustainable and renewable resource.

The Adam Store is offering a complimentary basket of Bambuyu tissues with every purchase of a kids bike or deluxe bike.

Together, we aim to bridge the gap in the industry by offering eco-friendly alternatives that meet the evolving needs of our planet and its inhabitants. Join us in embracing sustainability and making a positive impact on our environment with The Adam Store and Bambuyu.

To claim your free basket of Bambuyu tissues, please write BAMBUYU in the notes at the checkout when purchasing a kids bicycle or a deluxe adult bike.

To read more about Bambuyu and their initiate, please click here.