How to Maintain Your Bicycle

Maintaining a bicycle isn't difficult, nor does it require a lot of time, but taking care of your bicycle once in a while could certainly make a difference in its appearance and endurance. In order to increase the lifespan of your Adam Bike, we recommend following the below steps to help you with the maintenance of your bicycle.
- Lubricate the chain
Lubricating and cleaning the chain should be done every 200-300km or when you start hearing the chain squeak when you cycle. You can easily buy chain lube or oil but it is kind of dirty work as it might leave lots of stains.
- Protection from weather conditions
It is best to store your bicycle in safe and dry conditions such as a garage or somewhere indoors as humidity, rain and harsh sun rays might increase the process of rusting of the frame or cause the color to change quicker. Our bicycles have 1 year warranty on the frame but when taken care of properly, it will last much longer than that.
bicycle maintaince saddle
- Make sure the tyres have enough pressure
Tyres with low pressure might lead to irregularities in the wheel's frame due to less stability of the frame from the lack of tyre pressure. Bumps in the road might damage the bicycle quicker if the tyres aren't pumped up properly.
- Check the brake pads
The brake pads should be changed every 5000-10.000km, luckily not very often. 
- Clean the frame every now and then 
Dirt, dust, sand or other particles might scratch the paint on the frame. Therefore, the bicycle's appearance will have a longer lifespan if you clean it after you cycle with it. 
- Take proper caution with the bicycle
The use of Adam Bike and riding bicycles in general should be done with caution, avoiding risks and recklessness. The rules and manners of the road should be taken into account at all times.
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