How Adam Bikes was born in Dubai

The idea of starting a bicycle company in Dubai

Bicycles and cycling, that’s what we were missing in Dubai. 

Since both of us are from the Netherlands, we were really missing our bicycles  and cycling in our day to day life.

On top of that, we realised that Dubai is great for cycling. It’s flat, the roads are good, safe (enough) and easy! The only thing missing were some good old Dutch Style bicycles. 

That’s when we decided we wanted to begin to design beautiful Dutch Style bicycles for ourselves and others to enjoy cycling in Dubai the way we do back home in Amsterdam.


Creation of the design, brand name and logo for our bicycles

Of course the design of our bicycle had to be that of what we in The Netherlands call the ‘omafiets’ which literally translates to the“grandma bike”. This term has been used since the 1970’s but is also referred to as the stadsfiets (city bike). It’s a classical Dutch bicycle design and definitely the most popular type of bicycle in the Netherlands. This design is timeless, low maintenance (because single gear and coaster brake), beautiful and most importantly very comfortable. 

Then, the name: If you didn’t guess so already…. Yes, Adam is short for Amsterdam. In our country we refer to our capital as A’dam. That’s where we got our brand name from for our bikes: Adam Bike. We like Adam because it is also a boy's name, which gives it a personal touch.

The design for our logo resembles the font of the architect H.P. Berlage, which is a Dutch Art Deco font. 

The emblem design for our bicycles was inspired by Amsterdam’s typical and beautiful canal houses. The facades of Amsterdam’s canal houses are unique and recognisable to most people. We knew we wanted to have this on our Dutch style bikes to bring the Netherlands a little closer to Dubai. We wanted to see people in the neighbourhoods cycling on our Dutch bicycles and see a little bit of Amsterdam everywhere we went. 

Below you can see some of the original initial sketches we made for the creation of our emblem and how it developed into the final result.


Our Vision

From the very start we knew we wanted to be family focused and create bicycles for every member of the family. Now we have ten types and sizes of bicycles in various different colours so we are sure that each family member can find the colour they like and experience riding our bikes, which is the ultimate goal: Family bike rides for everyone, everywhere! 

We hope you enjoy the ride!

Children's bicycle

The creators

Sharing similar backgrounds and having lived their whole lives in the Netherlands, two young Dutch ladies named Florien and Stefanie knew they were going to have a special bond when they met in Dubai in 2020. They agreed that something was missing in this beautiful city and wanted to develop their creative ideas and turn it into a product everyone would want; a Dutch style bicycle for the whole family. They brainstormed, had lots of meetings, lots of coffees and the rest is history.
Adam Bike Creators