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The Cargo Adam - A Dutch Cargo Bicycle

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The typical Dutch Cargo Bike! In Dutch we call this type of bicycle a "bakfiets". They are perfect bicycles to take kids around and cycle with them around the neighbourhood. The colors of the bicycle have a beautiful matte finish. We also have electric cargo bicycles available!

We keep limited stock of the cargo bicycles and therefore we kindly ask you to pre-order your desired color. Lead time for pre-orders is approximately 2 months.


Dashboard on steering bar

Aluminium frame 

Aluminium Cargo box (Capacity 180 kg)

Dimensions Box: 1030*640/690*50/540

Recommended height: > 165cm/> 5"4ft

Weight : 80kgs

Front tyres : 20*1.75"

Rear tyres : 24*1.75"

Damper stability

Creability 25 degrees

Dimensions : 2180*850*1100

Max speed : 25 km

Kids seat : Brown/Black (4x seats)

Brown tires


Middle kickstand  

Front & Rear light

Exchange & Returns

Only available on request with a 50% deposit. 

Exchange, returns & refund within 7 days from purchase.

Only if product has not been used.

Only if product and packaging are undamaged.

In case of collection of the bicycle, costs to be paid by the customer*.

*if the reason for return/exchange is not due to malfunctioning of the bicycle.


Pre-order only

50% deposit

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